Sunday, July 1, 2012

New Covers and Bradford Extras!

Okay, Bradford fans-- it's July!!  Which means in 16 days you'll get to read the Bradfords short story (for Free!) and catch up on the gang before book 4-- Just For Fun-- hits the virtual shelves!
In celebration, I've done some fun, new stuff on the website!

1st- the new covers for the *entire* series (yes, Just Right, Just Like That and Just My Type have new covers too!) are there!  BUT, to find them you have to go on a scavenger hunt! 

For ONE WEEK only, you can hunt the site, answer some questions and get entered to WIN!

Just go to the homepage of my website and click on the Uncover the Covers icon to get to the entry form.

Then look around the website to uncover the new covers for the books in my Bradfords series! (Hint, they're listed in order and the questions match up. For example, Just Right is the first book in the series so the page where you find the new cover for Just Right is where you'll find the answer to question #1).

The Bradford Series
1. Just Right
2. Just Like That
3. Just My Type
4. Just For Fun
5. Just A Kiss

Everyone who plays (ie, sends in a filled entry form) will get a copy of the Bradford's short story Just the Way I Like It before it's released! All players will also get entered to win a $20 Amazon Gift Certificate.

2nd-- I've also added some Bradford Extras!  Deleted scenes, behind the scenes info and fun! (including an original Erin Nicholas diagram of the Bradford relationships... lol!  It was interesting to try to map out! :))

There you'll also find a Bradford quiz that requires a more in depth knowledge of the series and characters ;;)  Test your knowledge (and win chocolate!)
I hope you'll take a look at the website and have some fun with me!  

And I hope you'll mark your calendars for July 24th when Just For Fun is released! 

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