Friday, December 14, 2012

Cover Reveal!

I'm so excited to share the GORGEOUS cover for my upcoming book, Hitched, today!

This is part of very fun, special project that I've undertaken with three of my best writing buddies: Kelly Jamieson, Meg Benjamin and Sydney Somers. 

Hitched is book four in the Promise Harbor Wedding series. The series is a lot of fun!  It's set in a fictitious New England town, Promise Harbor, around a wedding-well, an almost-wedding anyway! :) Stay tuned for more soon!

Here's the series release dates!  Hope you'll mark your calendars!

Jilted, Book One, by Kelly Jamieson (March 19th)
Bolted, Book Two, by Meg Benjamin  (April 2nd)
Busted, Book Three, by Sydney Somers  (April 16th)
Hitched, Book Four, by Erin Nicholas  (April 30th)