Books by HERO type

Sometimes a cover catches your eye, or a book blurb sounds interesting, or a friend tells you to give a book a try... but sometimes you want to find a book because you are in the mood for a certain type of read! 

Well, I'm going to try to help you out!  

In an Erin Nicholas book you will get:

1. A contemporary romance... no mentions of petticoats or Regency England or highlanders or pirates!  Okay, the pirate thing isn't totally true but it was a fun, role-playing thing in... never mind... moving on! 

2. Some hot, sexy scenes with the doors wide open!  If you don't like sex scenes, dirty talk about body parts and other naughty words, you probably don't want one of my books :)  (if you DO like those things... come on in!)

3. A happily ever after. Always. I promise.

Now, if you're looking for a certain type of HERO... I can break that down for you a little more. Ready?  Okay!

Millionaire/ Billionaire/ CEO

No Matter What

What Matters Most
Getting In the Spirit
Getting In the Mood
Getting Worked Up (though, to be honest, he's a millionaire who's walked away from his riches :))

Geeky/ Nerdy/ Genius

Getting Out of Hand
Full Coverage



Just Right
Best of Three

First Responder (EMT, firefighter, cop)

Just Like That

Just My Type
Just For Fun
Just A Kiss
She's the One
It Takes Two
Going for Four
Up By Five
Illegal Motion
Completely Yours (coming in December :) )


Getting Wound Up (baseball)
Out of Bounds (ex-football)
Illegal Motion (ex-football)
She's the One (amateur football player ;) )
It Takes Two (ditto)
Best of Three (ditto)
Going for Four (ditto)
Up By Five (ditto)

Restaurant/Bar owner

Anything You Want
Everything You've Got
Getting His Way

You can find them ALL at!!

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