Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Just the Way I Like It

It's release day for this fun short story about the Bradfords!  Hope you'll check it out... 
after all, it's short, sweet, sexy and free! :)  
You can find it at Amazon and at Samhain in all e-formats!

With friends like these…they may never date again!
A Bradfords series short story

Out of their entire group of friends, Kevin Campbell and Doug “Dooley” Miller are the last bachelors standing. And if their friends’ wives have anything to say about it, they’re both going down—the sooner the better.

Sure, sometimes it’s torture to stand by and watch their friends enjoy true love. But all that touching, teasing, and goo-goo eyes? It gets old. Plus, Kevin and Dooley have their reasons for staying single, and a trio of meddling women can’t change that.

Or can they?

That’s the question that’s making them nervous. Very nervous…

Warning: This Bradfords series epilogue contains six meddling friends, two sworn bachelors and a bunch of crazy set-ups.  It’s also a sneak peek at the next two books where Kevin and Dooley do find true love…without any help from their friends.

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  1. Okay, Amazon has it listed for $0.99. They're working on getting that changed :) It's free at Samhain if you want it right now (and you do, right?! :)) or will be free soon at Amazon!