Friday, August 17, 2012

My daughter & Sam Bradford

My daughter is reading one of my books. 

Just Like That, to be specific.  Sam Bradford's book.

And yes, this is a little weird for me.

If you're reading this blog, the chances are you know at least a couple of my books-- because why else would you possibly want to read my blog? *g*-- and if you've read any of my books, there's a good chance it's one of the Bradford books and you know Sam.

But just in case there's anyone new to me and my writing...

I write sexy contemporary romances.  Really sexy contemporary romances.  For instance, there are mentions of body parts in my books.  And I'm not talking about elbows.  There are also mentions of fun things to do with those body parts.  Again, not elbows.  And there are sexy, cocky boys in my books doing those fun things with those body parts.  And, yeah, these guys could make even elbows fun and sexy.

Do I think my almost-pretty-much-sixteen-year-old daughter should know the names of these body parts and the fun potential those parts have?  Sure (within reason *g*).  Should she learn it from me?  Well... there's the part I get hung up on.  I mean, at least I know the body parts and their uses are accurate, and the way they are used and the relationship of the people using them are depicted in a positive way.  But... yeah, it's still a little weird.

And then there are those sexy, cocky boys.  Now, I love my heroes.  Would I want to have a beer with them?  Sure.  Go sex toy shopping with them.  Oh, yeah.  Spend a fun, hot, my-husband-doesn't-mind night with them?  You bet.

But would I want my daughter dating one of them?


Actually, yeah, I would.  All my guys are great guys.  They aren't always living up to their full potential or showing all their sweetness and generosity and vulnerabilities at first, of course, but no one knows better than I do what's deep down and yes... in regard to those things--their protectiveness, their willingness to do the right thing, their humor, their sweetness (esp. with the right girl)-- yes, I would absolutely want my daughter to date one of them.  Or a guy like that.  

It's still weird that she's reading my book though.

So, in the spirit of finding half-full glasses and silver-lined moons, I decided to blog about her (and my) reactions to her reading Just Like That (and getting to know Sam Bradford, the one-night-only-with-each-girl-playboy really well) as she goes along.

Here are her reactions after chapter one:

"I really like Danika a lot"

"Sam is confident, but not arrogant.  I like that."

When I asked her if it was weird that I wrote it she said, "No.  I'm reading it as a book, not as something my mom wrote".  (lolololo!  I know what she means, but it sounded so funny to me)

And finally... she confessed that she read the last page first!  (that drives me crazy, btw)

So she knows it's a happily ever after... and I'm glad that that matters to her.

Stay tuned...


  1. Erin, I have to giggle at this post. What surprises me is that it's Sam's book she chose to read. I mean Sam...big ole' hound dog SAM! However it could be worse, she could be reading Just My Type!

  2. Exactly my thoughts! :D I think I'd steer her well away from Mac. Funny... she chose the book because she thought Dani sounded like the girl she'd like best. She's pretty sure Sara would drive her crazy! LOL!

  3. Think of it this way, she could be hiding books from you that you don't want her to read. As long as they're your books you know what she's reading.