Sunday, June 6, 2010

This #$%&-ing book

That's the new title of a series of blogs I'm going to have to do about this WIP. I think it could be therapeutic!

To review, I've written 95% of a book which I've now realized has the wrong guy as the hero. I've been making notes about the changes that need to be made (where I purposefully devastate my hero-- now known as my Former Hero) but haven't been able to actually start changing things. And today I figured out why.

Having these two have sex is... difficult. Because I really like their friend who is going to be-- as I think we've established-- devastated. It will obviously be a life-changing event for them. As it should be. So deciding how it should happen, how to write it, was tough.

But I did it today. And it's a good scene! (if I do say so myself)

I usually write books in order. Meaning that I write the scenes in the order that they happen in the story. It's just how my brain works. But in this case I wrote the scene anyway, because I had to get over that hump. And now that I did, I think the rest will be easier.

Well, up to the point where the Former Hero learns about their relationship.

Maybe that's the scene I should try to write next :)

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  1. Ummm...where do I go to subscribe to that blog series again? Oh, and are you open to guest authors?

    I usually write in order too, unless I have a lot of flashbacks scattered throughout the book, in which case I might write those first, since chronologically they occurred first anyway. But every once in a while there'll be a book or a scene that insists I write it out of order and it's usually very much like what you've just described. When I know I'm going to have to put one or more of my characters through hell, I sometimes need to write the scene where it all works out first, otherwise it's too painful.