Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Kindle World FAQs!!

The Sapphire Falls Kindle World FAQ

What is Sapphire Falls?
Sapphire Falls is a fictional town that is the setting for Erin Nicholas’ best-selling sexy contemporary romance series. There are six books and four novellas now, with two new novels coming in 2016.  More HERE

What is a Kindle World?
Kindle Worlds are collections of shorter stories that “spin off” from bestselling authors’ series and are set in that established “world”—like Sapphire Falls.

You can learn more and check out the other Kindle Worlds HERE!

Why do you call it KINDLE Worlds? What about those of us that use nook or idevices, etc?
Kindle Worlds were named by Amazon, who developed and now licenses them. They are an Amazon “invention” so yes, these stories are exclusive to Amazon/Kindle. And yes, they are exclusive to the US Amazon store. HOWEVER, anyone can download the FREE Kindle app on their phone, ipad, tablet, computer or other device and can then get these stories! There are also workarounds for readers with devices that don’t support a Kindle app and for readers in other countries.

The Kindle Apps can be found HERE!

To get information about the workarounds and other answers to reader questions, join us at the SapphireFalls fan page on Facebook!!

You can find a GUIDE written by readers for readers on how to get the Kindle World books on a non-Kindle device right HERE

What if I don't live in the U.S.? Can I still get the books? 

The short answer is yes :)  The longer answer requires more guidance. You can find a GUIDE written by readers for readers on how to get the Kindle World books if you're outside the U.S. right HERE

If I haven't read any Sapphire Falls books, will I be confused?
No. These stories are all stand alone. But they will be a lot more fun if you’ve read at least a couple of the Sapphire Falls books!! Book one, Getting Out of Hand, is FREE at Amazon, Barnes & Noble,  iBooks/Apple, Kobo and Google Play.

Are they full length?
No, they are novella length. About half the length of a “regular” novel.

Are they available for pre-order?
Unfortunately (and for reasons we don’t understand) the Kindle World stories are not available for pre-order.

So, are your books only on Kindle/Amazon now?
No. The Kindle World stories, the “spin-off” stories, are the only ones that are Kindle exclusive. You can find all of my books at all book retailers!  More on my books here: www.ErinNicholas.com

 Isn’t this a copyright infringement or something?
I definitely know all about this! I contracted with Amazon to create a Kindle World from my Sapphire Falls series and I have personally invited the first twelve authors writing in the world!

Did you have any input as to how you wanted the stories to go?
There are some “guidelines” the authors followed and I gave them info about the series but every story is the full creation of its author.

Will I be totally lost if I can't read them all?
They are all stand-alone stories and no, you will not be lost at all! You can read in any order and any number of them. 

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