Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sapphire Falls book four!

Getting It All releases Tuesday, April 21st!

I'm so excited to take you all back to Sapphire Falls!

Book four, Getting It All, is Tucker Bennett's book and I had such fun with these two!

Here's the blurb:

There’s nothing like summertime in Sapphire Falls and Tucker Bennett is looking forward to hosting his best friend’s four young sons for the next three months. This is their first trip to Tuck’s farm since their father’s passing, and he’s fully prepared to step up for the boys. He’s also thrilled by the instant attraction to their aunt Delaney. He’s only ever wanted three things in life—his farm, a wife and kids. He’s already got the farm. Now it looks like Fate has delivered the rest in one complete just-add-dirt-bikes-and-a-new-puppy package.

Delaney Callan is beyond grateful for Tucker’s help while she catches her breath from becoming a sudden surrogate mother to her nephews. And she’s not immune to the sexual tension bouncing between them. But with all her focus on not screwing everything up with her nephews, there’s no time for a relationship, especially with marriage-minded Tucker. Of course, a casual summer fling is something else. After all, it would be a shame to waste a perfectly good barn…

Casual is the last thing Tucker wants. He’s set on taking care of Delaney and the boys, while she’s determined to prove she can go it alone. But she didn’t count on Sapphire Falls, the adorable little town filled with the loving, impossible-to-ignore Bennett family, well-meaning friends and everything four little boys could ever wish for.

What’s Delaney to do when the most impossible-to-ignore Bennett of all shows her the difference between what she needs and what she wants…and he turns out to be both?

If you’re a fan of Booze, bonfires, proposal-inducing pastry and using hay bales as a horizontal surface, this story is for you.

I hope you're all excited to take a trip back to Sapphire Falls this summer!  Can't wait to hear what you think of Tucker and Delaney's story! 

And remember, the special fan appreciation 99 cent price is good only through the 21st!  Price goes up on the 22nd so be sure you grab it now! :)

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