Thursday, August 18, 2011


I have a new book coming out some time in November!! It's called Hotblooded. Here's the first blurb... what do you think?

Her mama always said the women in their family were hotblooded…

And it’s been causing Brooke Donovan trouble her whole life. But it wasn’t until her mother set out to ruin the man who broke her heart, and the town he loved, that Brooke truly realized that the daughter of the town whore didn’t stand a chance. Brooke got out, determined to never return. But old debts have to be repaid sometime. Now she’s back and stuck in the last place on earth she wants to be. Temporarily. Until the one man who can make her rethink everything shows up.

Doctor Jack Silver saves people. It’s what he does, what he loves. So when he feels responsible for Brooke’s husband’s death, he travels across the state of Texas to give her the only thing he’s got— money. But instead of a grieving widow, he finds a gorgeous, feisty woman who’s just trying to survive in a town that wants her gone. The medical clinic she runs is at risk of going belly up. Thank goodness. This is something Jack can fix. He steps in as the supervising physician, determined to get the clinic—and Brooke—back on their feet. Whether she likes it or not.

Product warnings: Contains a hotblooded woman, a man who really likes that about her, a town with a long memory, and a cappuccino machine that makes it all worthwhile.


  1. Mmm. Sounds like someone's been keeping secrets. Why am I only hearing about this NOW I'd like to know???

    And, oh, yeah, it sounds fabulous as usual. Can't wait. C'mon, November. Oh, and love the title--also as usual. Damn, I'm already imagining all the really cool promo items!!

  2. I told you I signed this contract right? :) This book was written back about the time I wrote No Matter What, so it's been with me for awhile. Jack's always been one of my favorite heroes. Can't wait for it to be out!