Saturday, September 18, 2010

The last Bradford...

Tuesday, the 14th, saw the release of Just My Type! It's book 3 in what I originally didn't even intend to make a series (when I first started writing Just Right) and then decided (after writing Just Right) to make into a three book series.

I love this series. I love these characters and their stories. The series has been well-received too. It's been on the best seller list at My Bookstore and More and made a brief shining appearance on the Kindle store top 1,000. It's gotten good reviews, good reader comments... all in all, it's been great!

And I've got another book contracted that isn't a part of the Bradford world at all. Anything You Want is new, new characters, etc. and will be out in the spring and I'm excited for it. I love this book too (I guess if I didn't love them I probably wouldn't write them right? :)) but...

Well, I had a little spark of an idea after finishing Just My Type about another recurrent character. I talked with my editor about it and she liked the idea. But I still didn't start it. I got into writing another and left that idea sitting.

Then I had some readers ask "is so and so going to have a story?" and "I think so and so needs a story" and "is this really the last one? no!" which got me thinking about it again.

Especially after the release of Just My Type. I'm a little sad to let them go. Strange, probably even a little crazy. But there it is. It's like my last one going off to kindergarten. It's not an end. It's not like they're gone forever. These stories are now going to be around . People can find and read them a year from now, five years, ten years from now. I can re-read them if I want to! *G* (honestly, after edits I swore I'd never need or want to read them again!).

So, I may write another. If the idea stays with me and nags me enough I'll know it's worth doing. If I move on to new stories and new people and look back with affection but no burning desire to do more in the Bradford world, then that's good too. As a reader, I do think that it's possible to make a series too long, too. After awhile I want something new, to see what the author can do with new characters and situations...

I guess at this point all I've decided is to wait and see. But I'm so glad I wrote these three books and that they're out there in the world!!


  1. I would love to see a story for Kevin and Dooley. They need good women too. After Just My Type I really, really want to read Dooley's story. The advice he gave Mac. Gah, there is something in that man we need to see! No matter what you write next though, I'm all over it! *fan girl*

  2. You're such a sweetheart! Dooley kind of showed a new side in JMT didn't he? :) It would be interesting to find the right woman for him! I'll have to give it some thought...

  3. I love your books! I have become a huge fan.The first one was offered on my kindle and I got so hooked that I just had to get the other 2! I really hope you write Dooley & Kevin stories! ( love those guys) After all they are apart of the Bradford Family;) Right now I'm gonna get your other book "No Matter What"...which I am sure ill enjoy!
    * Jonell*

  4. I have read A LOT of books to get me through this winter...;-)I read reviews of Just Right, bought it on my Kindle, and got hooked! These have been my favorites, by far!!!You are a fantastic writer. These Bradford stories are terrific, and I love the story lines...the characters are so believable and lovable! I am about to start Just My Type, and hope to take it a little slower thank the other 2, just to make it last longer. I too would LOVE to see more in the Bradford would be fun to see how the couples deal with parenthood, and there marriages etc. I Just don't want it to end!!! Thanks so much!

  5. Jonell and Kristen, thank you SO much for the comments! I treasure every one of these! I also miss the Bradfords and have found myself plotting how to give Kevin and Dooley their happily ever afters-- and I think I found just the right women! :) I'll keep you updated on that!
    Thanks so much for reading... and for letting me know!!

  6. Yay! you just made my day with your reply!!!Thanks for taking the time!!!! I finished Just My Type yesterday, in one long sitting....just couldn't put it down, and I think it was my Favorite so far....( but I loved them all and have suggested them to some of my friends already) I look forward to anything you write in the future! I especially like the story lines....with the sweet AND spicy. Thanks again!XXXXOOOO;-)

  7. P.S. I forgot to mention that I love ,Love Love the humor in these books...I literally laughed out loud sooo many times. My girls(ages 17 & 14 ) kept looking at me and said they wanted to read them(because I was enjoying them so much, obviously)...but I told them they'll have to wait until they leave for college....not sure they are quite ready for such details!LOL!!!! thanks again!!!!!