Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This #$%&-ing book, Part IV

Okay, I can finally post with absolute certainty that I no longer swear-at or hate this book! :) I never really *hated* it but we were really having some problems getting along as you know. Well, I'm two chapters away from the end and I really, really like it!

Turns out our Former Hero isn't as heart-broken as we all thought he would be... which helps. And it turns out that our Current Hero and our Heroine are completely perfect for each other. Also definitely helps.

So, I'm approaching the finish line!

The title is Anything You Want (unless Lindsey wants to change it...) And the next book, with the Former Hero (guess he'll have to move to Current Hero status then, huh?) is also plotted out! Yay!

I'm also gearing up to start talking more about Just My Type (out in September!). Sara and Mac really needed their own story... I was very happy that it happened to be the *same* story! They go together so well-- once Mac gets over his she's-my-best-friend's-little-sister thing!

I'll post some excerpts and stuff for sure and I'll be having contests etc on the website and other places (The Romance Studio and Author Island) so keep a look out!

Thanks for reading!


  1. So does the once-and-future-hero's story have a title yet?

  2. I'm thinking this one is Anything You Want and the next one will be Everything You've Got. What do ya think?