Saturday, July 4, 2015


~ Scene Continued ~

She lifted her hips off the mattress and he quickly pulled the white silk down her legs and off over her feet.

He gazed at her, completely bare, his cock and heart both throbbing. She was his. She was here, they were together. All his.

“You too,” she urged, tugging at the top of his boxers.

He whisked them off, tossing them somewhere near the foot of the bed.

“Lie back. I want to look.”

She pushed against his chest and he rolled back. Paper crinkled underneath him and he reached to pull her note from underneath him.

“I sleep in boxers,” he said, showing her the note before tossing it toward the bedside table.

She smiled looking up from where she’d been studying his body. “Unless I wear you out to the point you can’t even pull them on afterward.”

 He pulled her down for a kiss. The hunger was intense and it was unquestionably on both sides. She ran her hands over his face, his shoulders, chest and ribs, then over his naked hips and the sides of his thighs. It was as if they couldn’t touch each other enough.

“Let me look,” she said, pulling back, breathless, from the kiss. Her gaze traveled over him eagerly, seemingly taking in every inch. 
“Holy cow. You haven’t played in years; you can’t tell me you still workout that hard?”

“I’m at the gym regularly. My job requires me to be in good shape.”

“But wow.” Her eyes found his. “I would really appreciate it if you would walk around naked all the time. In fact, every woman in the world would appreciate that. But you’re all mine.” She leaned in and kissed his sternum.

Other women had complimented him, ogled him, lusted over him. But it had never felt like this. The fact that he turned her on, that she wanted him as much as he did her, that she sounded possessive of him thrilled him beyond any prior seduction or experience.
She was the only one who mattered. Her happiness and her pleasure were the only ones he would ever care about again.

Then she wrapped her hand around his erection and all sweet thoughts vanished as lust took over.

He gasped. “Damn, Eve.”

“I like how I can make you lose your mind,” she said, stroking up and down his length.

“You have no idea.” He flipped her to her back again. “My turn.”

She didn’t move to cover herself at all, letting him look his fill, then run his hands up and down her legs, over her stomach to cup her breasts. He played with her nipples enough to get her writhing underneath him. Then he parted her knees and ran his hand up the inside of her thigh. She let her legs spread wide and he had to swallow hard.

“You’re gorgeous. I’ve been thinking about this all night.”

“Me too.”

He lifted his gaze to her face. “Yeah?”

“Of course.” She wiggled again. “Last night was fun and all but I want you touching me this time.”

“Well, if you insist.” He ran his finger over her mound, then the slick cleft beneath.

She lifted her hips. “More.”

“Anything you want,” he said sincerely. He parted her folds and stroked her, over her clit and through the sweet wetness. He stared, unable to believe he finally had Eve, his wife, spread out on his bed, begging him to touch her.

“More,” she said, her voice definitely rougher.

He watched her face as he slipped his finger into her, slowly. Her legs parted further and she seemed to be holding her breath. “So hot and tight,” he said softly. “Perfect.”

“Kevin.” Her eyes had drifted shut and she was biting her bottom lip.

He loved how he could affect her, occupy her mind as he touched her body.

He slid his finger in fully, then added a second, stretching her.
She moaned and lifted her hips. He slid in and out, watching her body react, then leaned over and flicked his tongue over her clit.
“Oh!” It was definitely louder than the panting she’d been doing.
He licked again, then sucked as he stroked his fingers in and out.

“Kevin!” Even louder this time. Almost a cry.

He reached for the drawer in his nightstand, retrieved, opened and donned a condom all with one hand and his teeth, his other hand continuing to work Eve to the breaking point.

He finally slid his fingers free and shifted over her.

“Oh, finally,” she breathed, opening her legs for his hips and grabbing his ass.

He laughed.

Right in the middle of sex. Sex with Eve.

Shaking his head he said, “Sorry to hold things up.”

She grinned. “Make it up to me now. I need you.”

He braced his hands on the mattress and pressed forward. “I know the feeling.”

He entered her slowly, wanting to savor it, wanting to be sure she could take him, but she did. Completely. His body took over quickly and halfway home he thrust, burying himself deep.

“Yes,” she encouraged, wrapping her legs around him. “Yes, yes.”

He paused a moment, soaking in the feel, scent and sound of her. But she squeezed her inner muscles and he groaned. “Eve, I want this to last more than two minutes.”

“Why?” She squeezed again. “This is amazing.”

It was. It was incredible.

Then she reached between them, finding her clit with her finger and circling.

The sight, the sexy hitch in her breathing, the way she looked down at her finger and where they were joined, the feel of her inner walls beginning to ripple all combined and Kevin began to stroke, long and deep.

She moved with him, her hips meeting his. Both moaning and gasping, the heat and friction building between them steadily.

“More,” she whimpered.

She shifted under him, moving her right leg and he paused as she wiggled, then stretched it up, hooking her knee over his shoulder.

“Holy…” he trailed off as he sank deep. He was a big guy, in all ways. She shouldn’t be able to take him like that. He might hurt…

Yes.” Her moan was loud and heartfelt. Using her leg against his shoulder she moved against him even harder.

“Eve, I don’t—”

“So good,” she panted. “Just like that.”

As her walls squeezed him, he couldn’t have held back if he tried. The thrusts were deep and hard, the rhythm increased and soon the bed was rocking, knocking the headboard against the wall in hard, loud thumps.

“Kevin!” she called out as her orgasm hit, her body drawing his deep.

He was right behind her. His climax swept over him and he felt wave after wave of pleasure race through him.

For several moments afterward he was able to hold himself up on his arms, but when Eve moved her leg off his shoulder and slumped, spent, beneath him, he lowered himself to her side and let his whole body fully relax.

He sank into the mattress, feeling heat and satisfaction and fatigue all cover him at once.

Eve lay breathing hard next to him until she finally could slow the rhythm and she rolled into him. Spreading her hand out over his heart she sighed.

“That was totally worth waiting twelve years for,” she said.

Puzzled he looked down at her, brushing her hair back from her face. “Twelve?” he asked. “We’ve been apart for fourteen.”

She grinned up at him. “Yeah. If I’d been on top it would have been worth fourteen.”

“Hey.” He chuckled and gently smacked her butt. “Be good or I’ll keep trying for the fourteen without letting you on top.”

Though he knew he wouldn’t. He wanted her on top. He wanted to see what she’d do with the control. In fact, the idea of it was already causing parts of his body to react.

“You need to sleep,” she said with a giggle, clearly noticing his response.

“I do.” He wanted to do a lot more of what they’d been doing, but he needed sleep before Drew was out of school. “Stay, oka—?” He yawned before he got all of the question out.

She snuggled close. “I was hoping you’d say that.”


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