Sunday, July 5, 2015


~ Scene Continued ~

He licked long and firm and then sucked, swirled his tongue around her clit and made zings of sensation and heat zip through her body. He slid one finger deep and then another. Lauren tipped her head back, put her hand on the back of his head and needy moans were coming from her throat within minutes.
But he didn’t take her all the way to the summit. It was close—the muttered, “Fuck, you taste so good,” and the, “Damn, I could eat you all day,” and, “That’s right, baby doll, move just like that,” got her so close. But he lifted his head before she went over the edge.
“Hang tight, City.”
She wanted to protest, but she couldn’t lie, when he got to his feet, bare chested and wearing blue jeans unbuttoned over the hard ridge of his cock, and gave her his grin, she almost went the rest of the way into her orgasm.
His eyes on hers, he stripped out of his jeans and underwear. He, unlike her, had lost his boots at some point. He also had a condom handy.
She did appreciate a guy who was prepared for anything.
Her gaze was pulled from his by the delicious sight of him rolling the condom onto his long, thick cock. She went hot and wet all over again watching his hand stroke down the impressive length. He was gorgeous. Gorgeous. Big, solid, tanned from the sun, defined by his hard work.
Of course he was huge. Why not? If he’d been small or didn’t know what he was doing with a clitoris, or didn’t say City in exactly the tone that he used, she might not be in hopeless lust with him. But he was big, talented and sexy as hell. And she was in deep.

“Come here,” she said.
That husky voice, the look in her eyes, the fact that Lauren Davis was buck naked on his kitchen table…there was no way in hell he was going anywhere but here.
He stepped between her knees and moved to put his hands on that very sweet ass to get her closer. But her hand on his chest stopped him.
“Hang on, Farmer Boy. I’ve got some stuff to do.”
He lifted an eyebrow but didn’t protest a bit when she leaned in and put her mouth against his chest. She kissed her way across his left pec and then traced the B tattooed on his shoulder.
The tip of her tongue outlining the symbol he and his brothers all had inked onto their bodies was probably the hottest thing he’d ever experienced.

“Lauren,” he said roughly, balling his hands into fists to keep from grabbing her. “That’s making me nuts. I want to throw you back on this table and make it really hard for you to walk later. Just so you know.”
He heard the quick intake of air and then felt the puff of her breath on his skin. “Just a little more.”
She pushed him back, slid to the floor and bent her knees while cupping his ass with both hands. She ran her tongue over the ridges of his abs on the left, up the middle of his torso and then down the right side.
He was panting by the time she hovered over his cock.
“Almost done.” She looked up at him through thick lashes. “You got another one of these?” she asked, indicating the condom.
“Two boxes. I stocked up after the grape-slushy incident.”
She smiled. “See, you’re such a nice guy.”
Then she pulled the condom off and took him in her mouth.
He groaned and grabbed her ponytail, mostly to ground himself, though keeping her right where she was made a lot of sense too.
The feel of her hot, sweet mouth around his cock was sheer heaven. Travis stared down at her, absorbing everything about it—the feel of her hair in his hand, the perfect suction of her mouth, the sight of her taking him in and the glistening wetness she left behind when she lifted her head. And those damned boots.
“We’re to the this-is-the-fucking-greatest-sex-ever part, right?” he asked, leaning over and scooping her up and putting her down on the edge of the table again. “Because, darlin’, if that was you tryin’ to make this bad, you failed miserably.”
He pulled another condom from his jeans, rolled it on, stepped forward and took one of her knees in each hand.
“This is gonna be longer than eight seconds…barely…but it’s gonna be a helluva ride.” He didn’t bother wondering if she’d get the bull-riding reference. He just thrust deep and hard.
Lauren gasped and her hands flew to his shoulders to hang on.
She was gorgeous. Spread wide on his table, her breasts bouncing, lots of smooth tan skin and pink glistening heat. He thrust harder, unable to control his speed or intensity, spurred on by the pure instinct to possess her and be the best she’d ever had.
But she didn’t seem to mind. She was watching where they were joined, her breathing ragged, her chest, throat and cheeks flushed. She made the hottest sounds he’d ever heard and she gripped him with her inner muscles as if she would never let go.
That was just fine with him.
“City girl, you look good on my country table.” He reached with one hand to tug on one of the nipples taunting him. He hadn’t even had a good taste of those yet.
Her pussy clamped down on him as soon as he touched her breast, and she moaned.
“Oh, you like that.” He did it again, a little harder this time, and got a hissed, “Yes,” from her.
He was still holding one thigh, but she wrapped the other leg around his hip and pressed close, the heel of the boot digging into his ass.
“Travis. Damn. Yes.”
“What else do you like?” he asked. He wanted her screaming. His name. Definitely. “You want me to tell you that your pussy is making me fucking crazy? That I feel like I can’t get deep enough or move fast enough? That I would gladly stay right here, making you come again and again, every day for as long as it takes to make you get wet even hearing the word table.”
She gasped and then moaned. Her heel dug in harder and her muscles rippled around him.
“Lie back,” he said roughly, pulling her hand from his shoulder.
She lowered herself back on the table. The angle change pressed him against a new spot that made her cry out, and Travis tightened his butt and pumped harder and deeper.
Having sassy, sophisticated Dr. Lauren Davis spread out on his table, her head moving side to side, her thighs wide open to him, was more than he could take. He was going over the edge.
He pressed his thumb to her clit, circling and rubbing, bringing her along with him. “Come for me, City,” he muttered. “I want to see and hear that.”
She arched her back and gasped and then tightened around him like a hot fist. He thrust twice more and felt her orgasm grab her and suck him in hard.
Seeing this woman undone because of him made him feel like a fucking king. Damn right. And a second later, he came on the heels of her orgasm.
Several seconds passed with only their heavy breathing filling the air. Lauren flung her forearm over her eyes, her legs hanging loose over the edge of the table.
He braced his hands on either side of her hips, breathing in and out and wondering how long he had to wait to have her again.
It had never been like that before for him.
“I was wrong about the boots,” he finally said.
She moved her arm and peered at him. “Oh?”
“They’re awesome. You gotta keep ’em.”
“If I’d known boots would lead to that, I would have bought a dozen pairs long ago.”
He chuckled and pushed himself back from the table and then held out a hand to help her up. Her cheeks were still flushed and Travis felt like crowing.
She looked up at him and sighed. “Well, damn.”
He grinned. He knew she was talking about how complicated this made things, especially considering she didn’t want to like him. But he still grinned. Because he’d just had the best sex of his life and he felt fairly confident about being in her top three. And he was good with that. He had time to move up to number one. “Sorry.” But he wasn’t. Not at all.
“You’re not sorry.” She pushed him back, slid off the table and bent to retrieve her clothes.
“You’re not sorry either.” Pathetically, he wanted to hear her say it.
She straightened, pushed a stray strand of hair behind her ear and sighed. “Not exactly sorry, no.”
Not exactly the glowing review he’d been hoping for, but he should have known better.
“Well, if you like my kitchen table, you should see my shower.” He grabbed her hand and started for the steps upstairs.
He turned and sighed too. “I know, City. I know.” Wanting and liking her wasn’t exactly going to make his life any easier either.
“Look,” he said, cutting her off again. “I can’t make the sex suck. For us, that just isn’t possible. But I can feed you fried food, mediocre beer and make you play a sport you’re clearly unimpressed with in sand. That’s your only hope right now of not having one of the best days ever in Sapphire Falls.”
She looked like she was considering arguments and denials. But finally, she shook her head and said, “Okay. Amazing shower sex followed by boring, dirty volleyball. Let’s go.”

Travis ended up following her up the stairs.


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