Sunday, June 7, 2015

Collect goodies from Sapphire Falls!!

We're in countdown mode for Getting Lucky, book five in the Sapphire Falls series!

And we're going to have some fun in the next two weeks!  

I want to reward my readers for helping me spread the word about the book and I love giving stuff away so, this seemed like the perfect idea! :)

Collect All Three!

I’ve got goodies from your favorite little town!
  • A pen from Dottie’s Diner
  • A magnet from the Chamber of Commerce
  • A coaster from the Come Again
  • Candy from Scott’s Sweets


And if you do Collect Them All, you will get entered to win one of TEN limited edition mugs from Scott’s Sweets!

All you have to do is a few fun activities to collect the goodies!  Choose one, choose all three! The more you play, the more you win!

Here’s how:

For a PEN from Dottie’s—write a review for Getting It All (If you’ve already done it, score! It counts and you’re one step ahead!)

For a coasterPRE-ORDER Getting Lucky from your favorite retailer! (again, if you’ve already done it, you’ve already scored this prize!)

For a Sapphire Falls magnetChoose ONE (or more!) of the following!

a.      Gift a Sapphire Falls book to a friend!

b.       Create a meme, Ecard or teaser for Sapphire Falls—the series or your favorite book—and post it on your Facebook page (don’t forget to tag Erin!) is a popular tool 
and I'm sure there are others! 

c. Take a selfie with the cover of your favorite Sapphire Falls book (ereader or print is fine) Post it on your Facebook page and fill this in:  My Sapphire Falls book boyfriend is _____. One word I would use to describe him is ____.

d.       Change your Facebook profile picture/ avatar to the cover of Getting Lucky for a weekend (or longer!) and post the buy links for Getting Lucky on your Facebook page for your friends.

Pre-0rder/ Buy links:

Barnes and Noble

And the candy is just an extra treat from me! :D

When you’ve done all three of the above, just fill out THIS FORM so we know and we’ll send your goodies right out! 

And remember, if you collect all THREE, you will be automatically entered to win one of TEN limited edition Scott’s Sweets mugs!

Thanks for helping me spread the word and I hope this is fun for you too!!

Can't wait to get Getting Lucky out to you!

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